Students bake hardtacks

by Tyler Foster

Last Monday, the PCM American History students baked a hardtack. The students are in a unit over the Civil War. During the 1860s, soldiers would eat this hard piece of bread called a hardtack.
Mr. Jerry Davis, American History teacher said, “It’s a good way for them to understand what these Civil War soldiers had to deal with. We think fast food is going to the local McDonald’s, but for these guys, fast food is the hardtack. The kids also need to know that they lived on this stuff. When you don’t have the normal three meals a day, this is what they did so they didn’t starve. All the kids say it tastes terrible, but I often remind them to keep in mind that when you’re starving, it is perfectly fine.”
The Civil War was a tough time for America. The South had just broken off from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America. The war was between the North (Union) and South (Confederate States of America). The war lasted three years, resulting in not only a victory for the North, but a victory for freedom. As a result of the loss, the South released millions of slaves giving them their freedom.
After learning all about the hardships of the war. PCM students have become more grateful for the life we live today.