You had me at bacon!

by Kesley Gilbert

Bacon is newest thing to celebrate and on Nov. 8 from 1-5 p.m., Iowa State University will hold its second annual Bacon Expo in Ames at the Hansen Agricultural Student Learning Center on the Iowa State campus with two PCM graduates on events board team.
In the sizzling of grease-filled air, this event features piles of bacon, a display of 10-pound pigs, a bacon-eating contest and education on how pork is produced and cooked. Not only that, but there will also be two previous graduates of PCM on the executive board for the only student powered even of its kind in the entire nation.
PCM graduates Caitlin Deaver, a sophomore majoring in journalism at ISU, and Breanna Branderhorst, a junior majoring in Ag Eduction at ISU, are both helping out with this year’s Bacon Expo. Deaver will work as the public relations co-chair, and Branderhorst will work as the sponsorship co-chair who lines up contacts and sponsors for the event.
“I’m very interested in both public relations and agriculture, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to gain some experience and insight into whether or not I’d like to do this for a career someday,” Deaver said. “I was initially interested in it because I covered it last year for the Iowa State Daily as their College of Ag reporter. I’m meeting up with so many great people and learning so much, though, that the stress and sometimes sleepless nights are definitely worth it.”
Those attending can buy $3 punchcards with five possible punches for bacon samples throughout the entire event. The event will host many local venders to teach the value of the industry in Iowa. Thirteen ISU student organizations will be featured.
“It would be great to see the continuing support of our communities, as it’s not every day two PCM graduates are on the executive board for the only student-powered event of its kind in the entire nation. Plus, who wouldn’t want to talk about bacon for one of their jobs?” Deaver said.
So whether you are looking forward to jalapeno bacon, chocolate covered bacon or just plain strips, the two PCM graduates would love the support of the PCM communities to join them at the Bacon Expo. Purchase tickets on sale for $8 by searching Iowa State Bacon Expo at