Fall Fashion Fiesta


by Kesley Gilbert

Woman fashions are taking over—just don’t let it confuse you and drag you down if you aren’t in the
Color: Fall 2014 colors are in, and with that comes different shades of blue and purple taking over the shelves and clothing racks. Bright cobalt is the most wanted color of the season, with a rich orchid color coming in second. After those come the neutral brown and gray. All of these options can be jazzed up with a little dusting of each, to really be on trend.
Prints: More and more funky looking prints are appearing in fashionista’s styles. Animals prints, flower prints and even just going all out and wearing all the prints at once works well if you wants to be an optical illusion!
Scarves: Nothing says “fall” better than wearing scarves that match your outfit! Keep those necks warm and look fabulous at the same time: It can’t go wrong!
Boots: Everybody loves a good leather boot. Knee highs are always in for the season, along with ankle boots. Get buckles on them to jazz up the style even more! Wearing a good heel is great also, to trample over your enemies like a real woman!
Casual: Something every woman likes to be comfortable in her own clothing. Sweats and printed leggings are extremely in, along with long-sleeved tops and button-up blouses. When all else fails and the day is looking a little bleak, try to add in a pair of comfortable stretch boots and thick socks to remain warm.

by Logan Gilman

Fashion applies more to girls, but guys can still look fashionable, too.
Headgear: One popular fashion item you may see guys sporting in your neighborhood is the beanie. A beanie is a tight cap made of cloth. You my be thinking, “Isn’t that just a stocking cap?” The answer is no. A beanie is much more sleek and stylish.
Casual apparel: Another popular item among young men is Rock Revival, Big Star and BKE jeans. If you’re looking for more of a casual look, you could try rocking the Under Armor sweatpants and sweatshirts, which are very popular.
Parka palooza: A great way to stay warm on a chilly fall day is the parka jacket. A parka jacket is a jacket with a hood bordered with fur. A parka jacket is very nice if you’re outside enjoying the fall day with some nice hot cocoa.
Luxurious leather: Other items to help keep you toasty on cool days are leather jackets and leather gloves.
Don’t forget about your neck!: While all of these pieces are very fashionable ways to stay warm, nothing beats the classic turtleneck. A turtleneck sends a strong and appealing message. It says, “I like to keep it classy and stay warm, but I’ve got a wild, rambunctious side.”
Whatever it is you decide to wear this fall and winter, just remember to dress warm, and that frostbite hurts.