by Dylan Sanders

There are many questions in the NFL, such as will my team have a good record?  Whom do you think will lead the league in passing yards? Okay, then who is going to lead in receiving yards? I’m going to give you an overview of the answers that these questions could have.

The first question that I am going to try to answer is which team will finish with the best record. I believe that the New England Patriots are on course to finish the season with the best NFL record. I don’t like the Patriots in any way, but with the way they’re playing now…let’s just say that it will be tough to see them going under 12-4 with Tom Brady still playing like he’s 26.  Other teams that can compete are the Seattle Seahawks, the Minnesota Vikings and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

There are currently eight divisions in the NFL.  Some of the biggest rivalries in the league reside in these divisions. Some examples are the Vikings vs. the Packers, the Chiefs vs. the Broncos or more recently, the Arizona Cardinals vs. the Seahawks. I predict that when any of those teams play each other, the home team stadium will be rocking. 

By the end of each year, there will be a new team that everyone instantly likes. This is called a “bandwagon team.” A bandwagon team is a team whose fans only like them because of how well they are doing. Last year, it was the Panthers. The year before that it was the Seahawks. This year, I believe there will be two: The Cowboys and the Patriots.  Both of those teams are very likable when they are rolling.

Each year, a Pro Bowl is held by the NFL to show appreciation for the fans. The Pro Bowl showcases most of the best players in the league. However, players who are playing in the Super Bowl will not play in the Pro Bowl. Instead, they will use that time to prepare for their Super Bowl opponent. The teams will be drafted by former Hall of Famers, such as Deion Sanders.

This year, there are already two teams who are rising to the top of being the worst team in the NFL. Those teams are the Cleveland Browns, the Chicago Bears and the San Francisco 49ers. None of these teams were very good at the beginning of the year, but major injuries have solidified their reputation. The Bears have lost their starting quarterback due to an injury and what seems like most of their defense. The Browns have lost their first and second string quarterbacks to injuries this year. The 49ers have lost their star linebacker to injury and many other members of their defense, as well.  All I can say for sure is that it is going to be one long season for the fans of these teams.