New classes at PCM

by Mia Burns

This year at PCM has really expanded their curriculum.

The first new class is taught by Mr. Tim Crowder, who now teaches CAD, or computer aided drafting. This class will help students by allowing them to use the materials and software to create drawings and designs used in manufacturing and industry. This would be a helpful course for students interested in product development and engineering.

“I am excited that we just purchased a 3D printer to use in this class,” Crowder said.

Next up PCM has two new classes to take with Ms. Kristen Burghorn. This is only her second year here at PCM, but she is already taking on new classes. Her first new class is called business law.  As well as teaching students their rights and responsibilities as adult citizens, this is a course that is also supposed to help students understand an overview of our legal system.

“The phrase “business law” may be a little scary to some people, and people who think they don’t want to be lawyers think it’s not the class for them. However, it’s a class for everyone,” Burghorn said. “One of the things I’m really looking forward to in business law is a Mock Trial at the end of the semester, where students will act as the attorneys and witnesses and act out a case in front of a jury (of their peers and maybe teachers), applying what we’ve learned this semester.”

Burghorn’s other new class is marketing. This class is geared for students looking into going into retail, advertising, and other fields for marketing. Students will understand the process impacting services from producer and consumer.

“Marketing will give students the chance to express their creativity as they design marketing materials – posters, commercials, and more. But, marketing is about so much more than just ads,” Burghorn said. “I think students who take this course will gain a good understanding of what exactly it takes to sell a product, and how challenging, but rewarding marketing can be.”

Already teaching Health I, Health II will also now be available for the student body to take after Health 1 by Mrs. Tara Williams. This course gives a more in-depth look at health and wellness, while also reviewing topics from last year.

Leadership is another new class being offered this year. It will be taught by Mr. James Nolin. This course focuses on character development and leadership. Students will study character movies, core readings, basic skills, leadership principles, current events and successful community leaders.

“I feel this class will have a meaningful impact on those who take it, not only while they are in high school but years later as they navigate the real world,” Nolin said.

Advanced composition with Ms. Christina Palmer is a new English class this year. This class will cover a variety of college-level essays. Students will be using MLA and APA writing styles in this class. The goal of this class is to get students ready for college level writing styles.

Agribusiness and marketing is also a new class taught by the second long term sub Mr. Jerry Davis. Mrs. Amber Samson will be taking over after her maternity leave this fall. This class will be about agricultural business, with units such as economics and business management. Also another thing to look forward to in this class is the opportunity to participate in a mock trial, as well as will learn how to compose a resume.