Freshmen really “dig” Coach McWilliams


by Drew Johnson

If you haven’t noticed, the coaching positions for the PCM girls’ volleyball team have gotten shifted around a little bit. After Wendy Chiabotta stepped down from her position as JV coach, the previous freshman coach, Jodi Johnson, stepped up to take over. That left the freshman coaching spot up for grabs.

You could say that little transition of jobs really “set” Brilee McWilliams up to be this year’s new freshman volleyball coach.

McWilliams graduated from the University of North Dakota and has had some previous coaching experience in track and field. She also enjoys watching Law and Order SVU in her free time.

McWilliams was very involved in sports throughout her high school and college careers.

“I played basketball, volleyball, softball in [high school] and then in college I did indoor and outdoor track and field,” McWilliams said. “I was also named the NSIC Athlete to watch in college.”

NSIC stands for the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference.

When asked what the freshman team’s strengths are McWilliams said, “Definitely our serving, and their mentality. They’re putting in hard work; they don’t give up.”