Pohl takes on the fall play


by Mia Burns

For the sixth year, English Teacher Samantha Pohl is directing the fall play. This year’s play is called the “Mystery at Shady Acres” by Michelle R. Davis.

“I’m excited because it’s a mystery, and that adds a little bit of something special, I think. It’s an audience participation play, and those are always really fun to do when the audience gets to be involved,” Pohl said.

Starting when she was a freshman in high school, Pohl has always had an interest in musicals, as well as plays. She participated in the musicals at her school all four years, as well as the plays a few years of her high school career.

Pohl never knew what the whole acting side of things was about.

“When I was in college I was a theater major. I had to take this directing class, but I was so nervous because I thought I only liked the acting side of things, so I tried to get out of it, but they didn’t let me,” Pohl said. “I took it anyway and ended up loving it. I love directing more than I love acting… more than I love anything.”

Although Pohl loves directing, she says by far the hardest part of the plays is casting the roles.

“It is so hard because so many good people try out and you just know that you can’t cast everybody,” Pohl said. “That is just the worst feeling: letting people down.”

Pohl really enjoys the difference in the atmospheres from the classroom to the play practices. The play practices are a lot more laid back, and she gets to know the students a lot more and grow relationships.

The opening night of the play this year will be November 11, 2016.