New Wood in school


by Chance Palm

Out of the new faces roaming the hallways, some freshmen, some new teachers, one of these new teachers is Ms. Erin Wood, who is now teaching environmental science, biology and anatomy and physiology. Of all these classes, she said her favorite class to teach is physiology. She took over for the old science teacher, Mrs. Kristen Souza, who is now an Instructional Coach.

Wood said, “It’s actually really nice because she is here to help me kind of learn and guide me through the new subjects and through the school and everything.”

She also inherited her old science room, which includes a turtle and new materials, like the skeleton that hangs out in the back of the classroom.

Wood said, “I love the new materials. As far as the turtle, the turtle and I we are learning to love each other. It’s a love hate relationship, but I’m feeding him, and he hasn’t died yet.” 

Wood isn’t completely new, though, she left the middle school to come to the high school on her recent switch.

    Wood said, “…The subjects that I’m teaching are completely different. At the middle school, there was more physical science. Here it’s more life science. Student wise, they are are more focused on where they are going in the world.”

When asked if she would rather fight 500 duck-sized horses or five horse-sized ducks,

Wood responded, “Well, I originally said horse-sized ducks, but I’m thinking maybe the smaller horses, yeah, the duck-sized horses.” 

“I wouldn’t say happier, but the materials, this is what I went to school for. As far as the teachers and the staff, it’s about the same, just different.”