From Japan to PCM


by Mia Burns

Moving all the way from Japan, Gabe Stover now attends PCM High School as a senior. Gabe’s dad graduated from Prairie City, and his mom graduated from Monroe. His family along with his three siblings which are all younger than him, has moved all around to different places due to his dad being in the army.

He was born in Japan on a U.S. Army base. He has then lived in N.C., Neb., back to N.C. then returned to Japan. His dad was stationed back in N.C., but they left him behind in Prairie City to take care of his grandpa.

When comparing the two, Gabe would rather live in Japan. The thing that he misses most about being overseas is the good food, but he loves himself a good American pizza.

“[I love] the fact that I can carry on conversations with someone that I don’t know,” he said.

Gabe’s biggest pet peeve about living here is when people ask him if he can speak “Japan or Chinese,” but he can say, “Konichiwa, boku no namai wa Gabe desu,” in Japanese, which means “Hello I’m Gabe.”

In terms of what he does in his spare time, he enjoys playing sports and going to events with his friends. In Japan, Gabe did wrestling and played football, but here at PCM he does football and plans on doing track this spring.

“I like to go hang out with my friends and enjoy all of the different things to eat and drink.”

Gabe is one of the tallest kids on the football team being 6’5. If your looking for him, check out number 66 on the football team.