by Taylor Burns

I’m not going to lie, the start of my senior year has been the most stressful thing I’ve ever encountered. I’m not going to go into detail because I’m seriously trying to stay positive about the whole thing.

Let me just start off by saying, it’s my senior year and holy cow does that sound absolutely insane to say. I can’t really decide if high school has gone by really slow or really fast… Either way, I’m almost done, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Since you’re already reading this, let’s talk about change. I’m not talking about little things like the leaves already changing color because I LOVE fall, and I’m so excited for it to get here. I’m talking about serious change.

Seniors you all know what I’m talking about because right now we are all dealing with or about to deal with some serious change. Some of you may be excited about change and others not at all. For me, I am excited for the change to come. I’m excited to go to college and meet all new friends and learn new things and be in a new atmosphere. You all might be thinking, “Taylor, don’t wish high school away because it really is the best years of your life” or “After high school, you’re going to have to start working and be in reality.” I am just thinking to myself, I am so excited for the work life and being in reality. It is all going to be very different, and I know that.

And maybe it might just be a complete slap in the face and I’ll end up thinking, “Taylor what in the world were you thinking?” But right now, being in the moment, I’m excited for change. I want to be a journalist or maybe a photographer. Or maybe photojournalism. Those ALL excite me though, so who wouldn’t be excited to start their dream even if it does mean change.

I said I was excited for the change to come. I am not happy about the change I’ve been through over the past couple months. I’m going to be very vague here, but it’s been very hard to cope with and learn to do things on my own. BUT. I know God has a plan for me and he knows my plan. I have all my faith and trust in him because I know he only wants what is best for me. I know that if I pray everyday, he will help me through all my struggles.

With this being said, I’m so happy to start my senior year this year and can’t wait for many new adventures with my friends and family. God, I trust you.

Hi, I’m Taylor. Here’s to a great senior year.