SOTM: May 2016

SOTM: May 2016

Name: Gunnar Davis

Nickname(s): Gun-Dog, Gun, Gun-Dog Millionaire

Parents: Tom and Janice Davis

Future Plans: Attend Simpson College to major in Sports Journalism and play football.

Extracurricular Activities: Football, basketball, baseball, track, band, Newspaper, NHS, FCA, Co-Ed Dance

Three Words That Describe me: Caring, tall, funny

Favorite Classes: Journalism and Single Survival

Advice for Underclassmen: The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Best High School Memory: Junior year football bands workout/practice or Homecoming king

Dream Job: Spider-Man

Favorite Book: “Into the Wild”

Favorite Movie: “Stepbrothers”

Favorite Band: Imagine Dragons

Name: Ryan Kohlhof

Nickname(s): Ry-guy, Ry, Big Arms

Parents: Robert and Roxane Kohlhof

Future Plans: Enlist in Air Force, then come back and try to make a difference in some peoples’ lives.

Extracurricular Activities: Football, tennis, soccer, Newspaper, working out

Three Words That Describe Me: Enigmatic, realistic, philonoist

Favorite Classes: Anatomy and Journalism

Advice for Underclassmen: You are NOT defined by your G.P.A. Go out there, get involved, meet new people and experience life before you miss your opportunity.

Best High School Memory: One of my fondest was Logan Gilman catching his “lucky” sweater on fire.

Dream Job: Getting paid to travel the world, but being part of the Avengers would be sweet, too.

Favorite Author: “Eleanor & Park”

Favorite Movie: Any superhero movie, or Star Wars

Favorite Band: Music is an emotion-tugging thing that cannot be “favorited.” I enjoy different types of music from multiple genres.