by Tyler Foster

Dear reader, I sincerely apologize to you before I write this last column. I’m sure you have heard all of the clichés in the book by now. Some guy probably told you about Clay or Gunnar begging him to join this class or even someone trying to articulate their feelings toward the class. And heck, I’m sure someone even said adieu and bid you all farewell as he rode off into the sunset.
But this column is going to be a little different. I want to leave you with two main points and an explanation of how great this Journalism class is.
The first is what I have been thinking lately. Where has the time gone? And not just where has the time gone, but what has happened in that time? Remember when we thought the greatest technological advance was the indestructible Motorola Razor? Which reminds me, is it too late to go back to flip phones?
Do you also remember some of the greatest fads ever? Like the Snuggie, a blanket that revolutionized the way you sat on the couch and watched television. Or the rubber shoe with holes: Crocs. And don’t look now, but against all fashion common sense, and the help of high school girls, they’re back.
The second is that I want to leave you with a positive “outlook” (no pun intended) on life. If there is anything I have learned in these last four years, it’s that no matter what happens, life goes on. I heard a quote the other day that said, “Start focusing on what you have to gain, and stop focusing on what you have to lose.” I took that to mean be grateful for what you have, move on to the task at hand and never live life in the past. Too many of us get caught up in what we did, instead of what we could be doing.
Now, to this Journalism class everyone has been writing about. This class is full of great people, because who can say they went to school and had a journalism class with a future WWE superstar? We also have a lot of stories that we haven’t had the chance to share. So here are a few.
Logan Gilman hid Gunnar Davis’s items in the ceiling. Clay Cooper wrote multiple songs about this class, one of which included a voice over of “Frozen.” Then we watched Scott Sterling have his faced rearranged in soccer and volleyball matches. And more importantly, we had sword fights. And after saying that, it’s amazing how we got so much work done. But I guess that’s what makes us great. We work hard, and we play hard. So looking back at these past three years has been a lot of fun, and I’ll cherish every single minute of it.