SOTM: April 2016

SOTM: April 2016

Name: Charlie Schott

Nicknames: Charlie, Chuck, Five String, Woodchuck McChuckenheimer, Schottenheime

Parents: Daniel and Lee Schott

Employer: McDonald’s in Colfax

Future Plans: I will be attending college at the University of Iowa to major in Vocal Education.

Extracurricular Activities: Band, choir, jazz band, show choir, honor choir

Three Words That Describe Me: Punctual, motivated, intellectual

Favorite Classes: Band, choir, Fitness, study halls in the band room

Advice for Underclassmen: You can do so much in these four years and on into your life. Choose a passion of yours, and just go for it. The only person able to limit you is yourself.

Best High School Memory: Performing a song on guitar in a saloon on the band and choir trip to Tennessee

Dream Job: Choir teacher

Favorite Book: Any book by Brandon Sanderson

Favorite Movie: “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Favorite Musician/Band: Any kind of music that I can relate to in some way or that has a good beat.
Name: Mallory Bell

Nicknames: Mal, Mal Pal

Parents: Jennifer and Billy Bell

Employer: Brad Magg

Future Plans: Go to Indian Hills Community College for Aviation Maintenance

Extracurricular Activities: Soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross country, FFA, 4-H, Key Club

Three Words That Describe Me: Kind, accepting, easygoing

Favorite Class: Public Speaking

Advice for Underclassmen: The moment you realize the simple things really don’t matter, life will be easier.

Best High School Memory: Being a senior

Dream Job: Pilot

Favorite Book: “The Lovely Bones”

Favorite Movie: “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

Favorite Band: ColdPlay