by Kenzie Johnson

Writing your first column is scary when you are a newbie like me. So I’m just going to start off telling you a little about myself.
My name is Kenzie Johnson, and I am a sophomore here at PCM. I joined Journalism at second semester because I really enjoy writing and I’ve never written anything in the journalism world.
A simple word to describe me is active. Sports have always been a part of my life. They keep me in shape and my mind sane. When I am on that court, dance floor  or arena, the outside world is a blur.
One sport I’ve played forever is softball. I’ve been on our school team and played tournament ball since elementary school. I love playing softball because it’s a great team sport where one person can’t win the game. It’s a sport where players can redeem themselves in the next play or even pitch.
Volleyball is becoming something I truly enjoy. I haven’t been competitive in it like softball, but I’m really starting to enjoy the sport. I played volleyball for our school, and I was really upset when it ended. I wanted to play more and get better so I could come back next season a better and stronger player. I tried out for a couple club teams for volleyball and I got chosen to play for the Norwalk 16u team. There are only eight of us on a team, so I get a lot of playing time. I am really looking forward to seeing how I improve my skills and how my hard work pay off.
One of my favorite things in the world are horses and barrel racing. I’ve been riding horses ever since I can remember, and they are my stress reliever. Sometimes I just go out for a ride behind my house and think or talk out loud. I know my horse isn’t going to go and tell everyone what I have on my mind because she can’t talk. This is probably the biggest thing I love about them. Barrel racing gives me a major rush, and you just feel free. It’s a horse and rider team sport, so I don’t have to worry about referees or judges. The one thing that stands in the way is the timer that tells how long it took me to run the pattern.
Another thing I am apart of is Diamond Trail FFA, which is a great program to be involved in. Our new adviser is doing a great job getting people involved and picking up the pieces. I’m also a part of the PCM dance team, and I am so lucky to have these girls on my team. We’ve accomplished so much together.
As I have to wrap up, I am so excited to start this new experience in Journalism and be able to grow as a writer.