Does the force awaken?


by Chance Palm

Do not read if you do not want any spoilers.
The new Star Wars movie has received a fair amount of hype and everybody has heard about it, and it has been 38 years since the first Star Wars came out: “A New Hope” and it was a rag-tag lowish-budget film that changed the film industry forever. Now, six films later, a new Star Wars movie comes out. “The Force Awakens” just came out Thursday, Dec.18, and it was an okay movie with a more shallow plot and more humorous attitude. JJ Abrams, the director of the film, created a beautiful movie with a wonderful blend of old and new characters who were all great actors. JJ Abrams provided an action-packed film with plenty of likable characters. The special effects were also extremely high quality and immersive. The plot, however, was shallow and has been used three times already. As an avid Star Wars fan, I have mixed feelings on the new star wars movie while watching the film I liked what Disney had done, the new movie was fun and action packed with plenty of memorable scenes, but I did not like the movie, I felt that I was at an enjoyable movie but not at a Star Wars movie. Even with JJ Abrams practically copying down the plot to the first movie. Even The Phantom Menace, widely regarded as the worst Star Wars in history, feels more Star Wars than “The Force Awakens” and at least “The Phantom Menace” tries to make it itself its own episode, whereas The Force Awakens just tries to surf of the wave of the original trilogy. I tried to find what about the new movie made it feel different, and everything was the same: the actors the composer and even the plot and there was only one thing different that the new movie did not have and that the old ones did, and that thing is George Lucas. The writer and director of the first six had a heavy influence on the feel of the film. If you are a hardcore fan of the films, you will really enjoy Star Wars “The Force Awakens” and if you are a newcomer or don’t like the Star Wars franchise as much, you will love it.