Students “starting a fire” in high school


by Taylor Burns

More and more PCM students are starting to get involved with church related events around town.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Fifth Quarter, Center Court and Prayer at the Pole are all events that have been taking place this fall for middle school and high school students.
FCA, which has been going on for high school students for a while, takes place in Prairie City at the Family Life Center, rotating every other Monday and Wednesday at 7 p.m. Students go for time to worship, fellowship and games. FCA isn’t just for athletes, though. Anyone is welcome.
Senior Grace Telfer is the president at FCA this year.
We’re getting the word out about God,” Telfer said. “The most kids we’ve had is 53, and the lowest is 42. More and more people keep coming, so that’s exciting.”
Fifth Quarter is a time to sing songs, play games and eat homemade food for high schoolers and sometimes for middle schoolers. The event doesn’t happen often, but when it does, Fifth Quarter is after home Friday night football games at the Baptist church in Monroe.
Just recently, students from all around have started meeting in their school gyms for a prayer before the day. They call this Center Court. At PCM, students meet in the school gym at 7:55 a.m. for a quick, simple prayer every Tuesday.
Prayer at the Pole is very similar, but as you can guess, the students at PCM meet outside at the flagpole. They join hands in prayer around the pole in the front lawn of the high school.
“One of our themes at FCA is ‘To Start A Fire,’ which means to not let our passion die and keep our group going,” Telfer said. “And we plan on spreading that fire throughout the school.”
Another meeting, which happens Mondays at 7:45 a.m. in the high school, is called L.A.S.T. L.A.S.T. stands for Learning and Serving Together. A group of sophomores had the idea for this after they came back from Rocky Mountain High in the summer. Each Bible study has a short lesson. The plan is to work their way through the Bible, starting in Genesis and moving toward Revelation all year.
“The whole goal is to get us thinking past ourselves, Jesus and how we can shine his light in our school,” sophomore Rachel Stafford said. “We’re hoping we can just get as many people involved as possible, and we’re hoping Jesus is glorified.”
These events have been spread to Twitter, with many students tweeting using the hashtag #startafire.
“I think if we can put it out on social media and just have people talk about it at school like we’ve been doing, the numbers will increase greatly,” sophomore Leevi Telfer said.