SOTM: December 2015

SOTM: December 2015

Name: Ashley Van Gorp

Nickname: Ash

Parents: Barry Van Gorp and Tonya Van Gorp

Future plans: Attend Simpson College to major in Exercise Science and play volleyball

Extracurricular activities: PCM volleyball, track and club volleyball

Two words to describe me: motivated and passionate

Favorite classes: Art and Fitness

Advice for underclassmen: Just be you, and find what you love.
Best high school memory: State track

Dream job: Teach exercise classes

Favorite book: “Speak”

Favorite movie: “Divergent”

Favorite musician/band: Too many to list. 🙂

Name: Johanna Baker

Parents: Julie and Howard Baker

Future Plans: Attend DMACC for two years, then transfer to Belmont in Nashville

Extracurricular activities: Choir, show choir, the play, speech

Three words that describe me: Musical, clumsy and curious

Favorite classes: Choir, Brit Lit, Creative Writing

Advice for underclassmen: Get involved in lots of extracurriculars and try new things.

Best high school memory: The band and choir trip to Memphis and Nashville

Dream job: Singer

Favorite book: “The Fault In Our Stars”

Favorite movie: “The Notebook”

Favorite musician/band: Taylor Swift