ACT practice: New to PCM

by Zach DeBruin

Two weeks ago, the question of, “What’s up with the black paper on the library windows?” arose many times at the high school. The answer became evident on Wednesday, Dec. 2. Juniors missed the first four periods of the school day to take a practice ACT test, which is new to PCM.
The ACTs are a standardized test that students need to take to get into most four-year colleges, and taking the ACTs is a way to get into two-year colleges, also. The main advantage of the ACTs is the fact that the test is the same everywhere. It is ensured that all ACT tests are the same and teachers aren’t testing on different subjects. The practice test was set up to help PCM students improve before the real thing, hopefully making their scores higher.
“I feel like students’ abilities and ACT scores don’t match up. The practice will help them, hopefully,” Mrs. Brittni Hosrtman, guidance counselor, said.
For the students who took this test seriously, the ACT should make an impact on the final test result. Most of the juniors took the test seriously, but there are always a handful who take this test as a joke. Either way, the ACTs are a big part of a student’s college life and future.
Junior Kayla Jennings said, “It was very helpful getting me familiar with the test and preparing me for when I take it Dec. 12th.”
The practice ACTs will continue in future years and will keep helping students be prepared.