by Ryan Kohlhof

I like to think of myself as being a passionate enthusiast when it comes to the pursuit of learning. I think learning is the act of understanding things on a level once unknown. Learning empowers you and your mind. It opens the universe and everything in it to new possibilities. So where do you learn? Now that — that is the question I wish to discuss.
Learning and understanding applies to every aspect of life. Not just certain categories or ideas. When you learn at places like school, it is not fully explained since they fit so much into the curriculum and usually shape information. When you take ideas or thoughts and expand on them for yourself, you open up a multitude of new points of view and can learn many aspects of any subject. Delving into thought and finding answers for yourself is proven to help with retaining information. Everything you learn from school or other singular points of view is completely biased. Especially when it comes to things like history. To the victor goes the spoils, and apparently the point of view of history, as well. And as learning comes in many shapes and forms, not all subjects can be fully expanded upon in school.
School focuses on numerical things like science and math. Is that all there is to life? A common thought is that we evaluate students precisely on achievement through grades and falling into line. Are we just numbers? Well, figuratively speaking, yes we are — at least to the government, anyway. The other subjects seem to be strewn about as if less practical and unimportant; however, they are arguably equally vital. How are we to develop as humans if we lack the perspective of all subjects? One thing that is quantifiable by just numbers is robots. Is that what we are to become? But that is besides the point. There are plenty of things out there that are just as important. And why don’t we focus more on subjects such as art and music? Things that add creativity to the mind, which stems new thoughts. These new thoughts, combined with the numerical subjects, come together to form inventive ideas. And where do inventive ideas lead us? To the future.
If not just places like school, then where can we learn? Technically, you are constantly learning. As you read this, you are having an experience which stimulates the brain, causing an opinion over the subject, and this experience is giving you a new perspective bringing it all back to yes, you have just learned something because you have experienced something. So what am I trying to say? Go out, read things, travel, meet new people, experience life, develop new ideas and perspectives, add on to your little piece of humanity. You are but one piece in the puzzle of this universe. Develop your edges, and paint your own picture.