SOTM: November 2015

SOTM: November 2015

Name: Andres Vargas

Nickname(s): Puma and Doc.Vargas

Parents: Humberto and Sabina Vargas

Employer: Sombrero Mexican Restaurant/Rick’s Carpentry

Future Plans: Go to Iowa State

Extracurricular Activities: Cross country, soccer and band/jazz band

Three Words That Describe me: Musical, funny and nice

Favorite Classes: Anatomy & Physiology and British Literature

Advice for Underclassmen: Be active in school, and always keep your grades up.

Best High School Memory: Scoring my first varsity soccer goal against Newton

Dream Job: Band teacher

Favorite Book: “The Gunslinger” by Stephen King

Favorite Movie: The Hobbit trilogy

Favorite Musician/Band: George Strait

Name: Emily Hugen

Nickname(s): Ginger

Parents: Kristi and Eric Hugen

Employer: Georgioz

Future Plans: Attend Iowa State major in Agronomy with a focus in Soil Sciences

Extracurricular Activities: Track, basketball, softball, Key Club, NHS, FFA, Big Brothers Big Sisters

Three Words That Describe Me: Driven to succeed

Favorite Classes: Science and Ag

Advice for Underclassmen: Apply yourself, and go for it.

Best High School Memory: State Track

Dream Job: International Research Soil Scientist

Favorite Author: Sarah Dessen

Favorite Movie: “The Other Guys”

Favorite Musician/Band: Eric Church, Kip Moore