Relentless in Estes Park


by Tyler Foster

First Reformed Church’s youth group, FRCHY, traveled to Estes Park, Colo., to what would hopefully be the time of these young students lives. This was an event known as Rocky Mountain High. Rocky Mountain High is a big high school event held at a YMCA camp. The event held over 3,000 high school students from about six different states.
Sophomore Sierra Littrell said that her favorite part was “definitely the long house or small group. I loved worshipping God, but also talking to people you never thought you would have such a good relationship with. Anybody that has the option to go to Rocky definitely should! It changed so many peoples’ lives.”
The local youth group had a total of 41 kids attending, with an additional six adult chaperones.
Leader Darrin Telfer said, “It’s hard for me to pick a favorite part of the trip. I really enjoyed our small group tie that we had after each session. It is great watching the faith grow in the young people, the energy and enthusiasm. Another thing is we develop some relationships out there that we brought back with us. All of us crammed in on little ‘room’ to sleep, eat, etc. — sometimes, it’s the little things. This was my fourth Rocky, and each trip had its high points.”
The kids had a range of things to do, such as mini golf, basketball or fun blow-up games at the camp. Also, many students adventured into the beautiful Rocky Mountains and took hikes.
Telfer also wanted to give thanks to all those for their support.
“Honestly, this one definitely was up toward the top, if not at the top. A big thanks to all who supported us throughout the year, in whatever capacity that may be, such as donating snacks, chaperoning, driving kids to meetings or prayers for all of us.”