Is Jurassic Park III as bad as people think?

March 5, 2023

The Jurassic Park III movie cover.

The Jurassic Park III movie cover.

Jurassic Park 3

Genre:  Sci-Fi, Thriller, Adventure

This movie has earned five stars out of five from me. 

Spoiler Alerts to come with my honest opinion.

The movie begins once again on Isla Sorna and it is now RESTRICTED!

The main characters are Dr. Alan Grant and Billy Batson. Eric Kirby Amanda Kirby and Paul Kirby, as well as a hired mercenary Mr, Uduskey. There’s no human villain but there is a new big bad of the series, the Spinosaurus. 

We are introduced to Eric Kirby and his stepfather Ben and they are illegally parasailing close to Isla Sorna hoping to get some dino action. But after the crew on the boat mysteriously disappears they are forced to detach from the Boat and forced to Glide to Isla Sorna. 

The screens fade to a child playing with dinosaur toys and we see Alan Grant with them. We are reduced to Elle Sattler. After having dinner with Ellie and her family Alen is off to a Q&A to talk about dinosaurs. After that, we are introduced to a group of mercenaries hired by a mysterious person and they are armed to the teeth. Afterward, Alen goes to a dig site with his intern Billy and he has something to show Alen. He 3D printed a part of a Velociraptor skull that makes the sound of a Velociraptor. This is Where they meet Paul Kirby, owner of  Kirby Enterprise.  And they are invited to have dinner with him and his wife. At a local bar, they are met by Paul and Amanda Kirby who give him a deal to be a tour guide of Isla Sorna for a good amount of money for the dig site.

After boarding, they head off to Isla Sorna. After landing the plane against Alen’s wishes they are stranded on the island when they accidentally hit a Spinosaurus with their plane. After crashing into the trees they are stuck in a plane stuck in the trees. But after the Spinosaurus knocks the Plane down, Two of the three mercenaries are eaten.

And after making an escape into the forest, they are forced to regroup. And after finding out that Kirby Enterprise does not exist. And the only real reason they are there is to find Eric and Ben.  And then they find a familiar para-sail after trying to get it down to find Ben’s rotting corpse hanging in it. After running off Amanda and Paul end up in a raptor’s nest. After leaving they find a bunion lab and they go in and they find some food and raptors. After the raptor attacked the group they trapped it and then got out of there. After splitting up Mr. Udusky is killed by a pack of raptors and the raptors set a trap with his body. 

Alen is in trouble when a mysterious figure saves him. We later find out it’s Eric. it turns out he has been there for 8 weeks. And after some exploration, they find a boat. And after hearing a satellite phone Eric runs to it and Paul and Amanda here are Eric and then the group reunites. Then after finding out, Eric heard the satellite phone and they found out that one of the mercenaries had the satellite phone when they got eaten…

They look behind them and they see the Spinosaurus. Alan and Eric run past the fence and they find a building then they lock the door. They find a staircase and walk down it and then they find themselves in a “birdcage” when Eric gets snatched by a pteranodon. Billy with the para-sail saves Eric but Billy is presumed dead. 

They make their way to the boat from the birdcage and they try to make their way to the coast. But after the Spinosaurus abuses the bout they are forced to walk to the coast. But when they are almost there they are ambushed by raptors and they find out they have the raptor’s eggs and they give them back. And after that, they hear a guy with a megaphone and  then the military come and rescue them and on one of the choppers they find Billy alive! And after all of that, they go home. 

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