The large group mixed choir at the Meistersinger Honor Choir Festival Concert.
The large group mixed choir at the Meistersinger Honor Choir Festival Concert.

PCM Honor Choir travels to Wartburg concert

January 29, 2023

On Monday, Jan. 23, two seniors, Eleigh Davis and Isabelle Lorton, participated in the Meistersinger Honor Choir Festival Concert in Waverly, Iowa, with the guest composer, Reena Esmail. 600 high school students and 100 college students participated in the honor choir.  They arrived on Sunday, Jan. 22 and started preparing for their performance. 

Davis states what happened during their time at the Wartburg Honor Choir, “We left at 11 and got there and registered in a small room with a ton of people. There were 900 people that submitted to be in the honor choir and only around 300 people made it in. I am pretty sure that it was the largest number of nominees that they have had in a long time.”
They immediately had to start preparing for their performance on Monday, Jan. 23 at 5 p.m.

 “We were both in the mixed choir. We rehearsed then went to dinner and after dinner we rehearsed some more and then we got to see the different choirs at Wartburg sing. Then we went and had some free time to do whatever we wanted.” 

Lorton speaks about the best experience that she has ever had at the honor choir. 

“I liked being able to hear the sound. It’s a lot different than being in our choir here because it is so small. Everyone there is amazingly talented and it just sounds amazing,” Lorton stated. “Our guest composer this year was super nice and super helpful. The music was difficult but I loved learning it.” 

The finale concert included the Ankeny High School Choir, the Wartburg Choir and the Wartburg Castle Singers. Participating in honor choir does not sound like an easy thing to accomplish with the rough schedule and the talent that is needed. 

PCM Seniors, (Left) Isabelle Lorton and (Right) Eleigh Davis, at the Meistersinger Honor Choir Festival Concert.
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