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Run-Hide-Fight: what is it?

November 14, 2022

Over the past 20 years, school intruder situations have become much more common; as a result strategy procedures have been created in order to prepare students and faculty for the worst. One of the more common ones is Run-Hide-Fight. This is the strategy currently in practice throughout the PCM School District. 

PCM High School Principal Kristen Souza gave a quick rundown about what exactly Run-Hide-Fight means.

“Run-Hide-Fight is a safety strategy during an intruder situation, and so in this situation you have three options,” began Souza. “Run if you know you have a clear out. Hide if that’s the best option and there are ways to barricade the door. The last option being to fight by throwing things at your attacker, multiple people rushing at someone.”

In years past it has been more common for students, particularly younger ones, to be taught to get somewhere where they are hidden. 

Souza noted what exactly makes the strategy different from other lockdown strategies.

“The Run-Hide-Fight strategy is a lot different than a lot of ones out there because a lot of those just teach you to hide and stay there. And this teaches you to run if you can and fight if you need to,” said Souza. 

There are other strategies out there such as, ALICE training and there is I Love U Guys. Souza recently took the step in reaching out to other schools in the area to find out what they plan to use in this kind of situation. 

PCM has a Safety team that works to make sure that the best safety measures are in place. 

“We kind of talked about it at the beginning of the year, but we are working on how to best train the staff and students. The Principals, Dr. Havenstrite, and Rusty Vos are part of it,  and we meet to discuss what we should promote as a district,” explained Souza. 

It’s important to take into account what is most important and how to keep yourself safe at all costs.

“I think what’s important to know is that you don’t just have to hide, if you have the chance to run out and get somewhere safe you should do that. I think it’s different when you are talking to high schoolers than when you’re talking to little kids, in terms of what options you have. And so, I think the really important thing is to just be smart and not make a decision that will get you injured.” Souza finalized.

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