Emma’s Top 5: Music Edition

April 15, 2022
















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My Pick

Skin and Bones Live acoustic album: Foo Fighters

One of my all time favorite albums, the vocals on this album are unmatched and the vibe of the live performances brings me back to my first and sadly most likely my last Foo Fighters concert ever. The set list of this concert isn’t like what they usually play at their concert which makes it even better, I listen to parts of this album if not the full thing at least once a day.






An American Prayer: Jim Morrison, music by the Doors

This is an album that never gets old, the poetry is so beautiful and easy to imagine. The music in the background fits the time period and vibe super well, “The Ghost Song” is definitely one of my favorite tracks. If you’ve never listened to The Doors you are missing out on so much.









Ironic: Alanis Morissette

A timeless classic, I could never in a million years be tired of this song. The vocals are insane and it’s a perfect song to jam out to in the car. She is so insanely talented, I can’t wait to see her live this summer. All of her songs are absolute bangers. Go check them out if you haven’t already.




Nothing Compares 2 U: Chris Cornell

How could this cover not be in my top five? This song is an absolute masterpiece, Chris Cornell is obviously a legend and his vocals in this cover are beautiful. I will admit this song makes me sad but the lyrics are so meaningful. I will not hesitate to listen to it on repeat. It’s that good. 



Don’t Stop Me Now: Queen

Again a timeless classic, this song will never not be good. It’s good for every occasion. How can you not be happy when you listen to any Queen song? The energy in this song makes it a perfect song to sing along to. Queen will always be one of my favorite bands of all time.


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