by Ryan Kohlhof

Last first year last first last column, what?
This is a lot to take in right now… Almost time to start “adulting.” We can let future Ryan worry about that, because I want to move on to something even more important: My Outlook Journalism Squad.
I started writing for The Outlook during my sophomore year. I was nervous. This meant I was going to have to talk to people I didn’t know to get information and call businesses for ads. It’s rough in the beginning. What helps, though, is our support group. Every single staff member is approachable and supportive. We all have each other’s backs. And we definitely know how to have a good time.
I’ll start at the top: Tara Enlow, our senior editor-in-chief. She works hard every day to put together the front page while writing stories herself; she even gives up her weekends. Complete dedication. Then we have Clay Cooper, the comedian genius of the class and our online editor. You never know what is going on in his noggin. One of the most funny, randomest people ever. Next, our new homecoming king and sports editor, Gunnar Davis. He may spend a lot of time Crash Driving, but he happens to write some of the best sports stories. Next up is Logan Gilman, unsung hero of Journalism and varsity quarterback. He gets the job done, whether it’s popping passes out on the field or popping out some good stories in class. Our last — but certainly not least — senior is Tyler Foster,ad manager. This guy always has a smile on his face and loves to laugh. He’s the type of guy you know you’ll have a good time around.
Now I move on to our only junior member and assistant editor, Taylor Burns. She, like Tara, has to spend her whole week and weekend putting together a page, our sports page. Being the only junior in the class doesn’t stop her from being one of the coolest people ever. You can always rely on her to take a ton of story assignments while already being swamped with designing the page, making her one of the most hardworking people I know.
Kinsey Phipps may only be a sophomore, but you would be surprised at the quality of photos she takes. Besides her awesome photography skills, she writes a mean story and brings a bit of joy to the classroom. We’ve got Ashley Miller who may be shy, but I think we’re helping her with that. Did you know she writes books in her free time? Drew Johnson, grave digger and novice writer. Knows how to have a good time and make fat stacks. Zach DeBruin,  newbie and country boy who isn’t afraid of being himself. Final staff member? Freshman Chance Palm. Watch out for this guy, because in person he may seem quiet, but on the inside he’s got some serious thoughts rolling about.
Just kidding. Final member is our fantastic adviser Ms. Kristin Clague. One of the top teachers I’ve ever known, and one of the easiest people to talk to. And all these people together make up the best class in the world, and I wouldn’t give them up for anything.