by Tara Enlow

“Say what you mean, and mean what you say” is a phrase I firmly believe in, and as much as I wanted to write a ridiculous column for the first issue of The Outlook, I’m not feeling it.
I wish I was in the mood to do what I originally planned, saying the moon isn’t real and our world leaders are actually an alien race of lizard people, but I’m not in the right frame of mind for that tangent. Emotionally, I’m somewhere else.
There are a million-and-one sayings about high school. A great number say high school goes by in the blink of an eye, some say that you won’t use the math you learned in Precalculus again and a portion say that you’ll leave an entirely different person. All of these are true to an extent, but the last phrase strikes a chord with me.
Look at my school pictures, my wardrobe or the music I listened to over the past four years. The difference between each year is a little alarming. It’s hard to believe I managed at least three complete overhauls of how I act and look in such a short span of time. What’s even more shocking is I’ve managed to achieve the same with my personality.
I came into high school so awkward and worried about what everyone would think of me. I wanted to stay quiet because I didn’t want to give anyone the chance to ridicule me, I was terrified of sharing anything, and I didn’t feel like making any new friends.
Now, as a senior, I couldn’t disagree with that way of thinking more. I can’t wait to go out in the world to meet new people and love to express my opinions and thoughts because I look forward to the feedback. If I came into high school with this mindset, I would’ve had a much better time. But learning is a main key, not only in high school, but in life. Everyone is already aware of this, but, currently, this is the strongest feeling I’m having.
It’s almost scary, thinking about how I could have another major personality change just around the corner, with college fast approaching, but it’s exciting, too. I can’t wait to see who I become. Hopefully, my current self will look up to her.
I began writing this column thinking it would be and end completely different, but that’s also how I began high school, but I’m happy with the changes I made in both circumstances, and I’m proud of the results, too.
But if you’re still looking for a laugh, google “the Reptilian Elite conspiracy.” It’s a pretty good time.