Is The Lost World of Jurassic Park good or bad?

Is The Lost World of Jurassic Park good or bad?

Genre:  Sci-Fi, Thriller, Adventure

This movie has earned 4 stars out of 5 from me. 

Spoiler Alerts to come with my honest opinion

The movie starts on Isla Sorna 207 miles west of Costa Rica and a different island from the first movie.

Photo by Deviant Art.

The main characters in this movie are Dylan Malcolm, Dr. Sarah Harding, Eddy Carr, and Nik VanOwen. As well as Ian Malcolm’s daughter Kelly Malcolm. And the main antagonist is Peter Ludlow, the new CEO of Hammonds company, And of course the dinosaurs. 

The movie starts with a typical rich family. They decided to stop on Isla Sorna for a beach day, not knowing what was on the island. As the daughter goes on a walk she is ambushed and attacked by Compsognathus. She does survive but is hospitalized. But the board of directors sees it as a way to take over all of Hammond’s assets including Jurassic Park. But when Ian goes to see Hammond and finds out all the dinosaurs are free and have made their own ecosystem. And then he finds out that his girlfriend is on the island. 

Then he goes to Eddy Carr’s workshop and meets Nick VanOwen and Ian meets up with his daughter Kelly. With an RV and two Mercedes in tow, they are off to the island. When they are there they find Sarah and then see that Kelly is stored away in the RV. And after they settle down the second team of Ingen hunters come and capture most of the dinosaurs for the San Diego Zoo. But after some sabotaging they are left stranded on the island with Eddy dead and all vehicles and communication destroyed, all hope seems lost. But when they find a map they see an old communications building and make their way to it.

And on the way, they encounter a pack of raptors and two T-Rexes. And after calling for help they are saved when they see they have captured the bull T-Rex, and after a few days to ship with the bull T-Rex. And then it turns out they stole the rex’s baby. And after a car chase throughout San Diego, they make it back to the ship and with the baby Rex in tow, they set a trap and Tranquilize the male, Rex. And he and his baby go back to Isla Sorna. And when Hammond is delivering a final speech our heroes are sleeping on the couch finally getting to rest. 

I really liked this movie because there were many lore implications.

One of my favorite characters was Eddie Carr. He was really heroic and saved his crew from certain death in the RV by living up to his name and towing the RV back onto the cliff and dying in the process from two T-Rexes. 

I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves dinosaurs and action. There is fast-paced action and thrilling jump scares. And with many different vehicles, any car lover would like this movie. Now in the words of John Hammonds “Spare No Expense” add this to your watch-list!