HOIC fine arts festival success


by Graham Davis

On March 5, select students from the PCM fine arts department set off to Baxter to attend the HOIC Fine Arts Festival. Schools from the Heart Of Iowa Conference come together once every year to celebrate the arts through an honor choir, honor band and honor art show. Select students from these schools attend this festival to represent their schools’ talents.
“The best part was the actual show, where we got to see the art, because it was good for students and adults to see the different art and what the different schools did. Also it brought back new ideas for the future,” Art Teacher Ms. Sara Kirk said.
Participants were from all different grades, with over 20 students going. The choir performed five different pieces, including “Shut De Dō,” “Jubilance,” “Ubi Caritas,” “The Pasture” and “Fie, Nay, Prithee, John.” Also, the band performed four different pieces, including “Awakening Hills,” I Got Rhythm,” “Shenandoah” and “Circus Days.” Lastly, the art students put on an art show in the cafeteria. Students were awarded outstanding art if the judges found their work as one of the best. Award winners were, seniors Madilynn Peitzman and Tristan Clark, junior Abbi Van Haaften and sophomore Bella George.
“I had a blast. The director was so upbeat and passionate,” sophomore Rachel Stafford said. “You could tell he loved music, and it was so fun to get to learn from him. People like that make me enjoy band a million times more.”