Speech showdown at State


by Ryan Kohlhof

After making it through districts in Montezuma, the remaining Speech groups headed to Cedar Rapids’ own Washington High School to take a shot at state on Feb 7.
PCM took four groups over to compete: Improv Group One which included senior Grace Telfer, juniors Josh Phifer and Ryan Kohlhof, sophomore Leevi Telfer and freshmen Noah Henkenius; Improv Group Two with juniors Nathen Trausch and Clay Cooper and sophomores Jayci Vos, Bailey Brodersen and Katie VandeWall; Ensemble “Remember the Burrito” with Juniors Johanna Baker and Karina VanDyke; and finally Ensemble “Monica Et All” with senior Rachel Peter and sophomores Megan Cox and Morgan McDowell.
“I’ve been doing Speech all four years of high school,” Grace Telfer said. “But I’m going to have to say this year was my favorite. I had the best group of guys who always knew how to make every second enjoyable and I’m going to miss it.”
These groups were all headed by PCM’s Speech coach, Ms. Samantha Pohl whom is also an English teacher. This was her fourth year of coaching.
“Everyone had a really fun, positive attitude and thats what makes all this worth doing,” Pohl said. “I think we have the best group of kids because everyone is always supportive and knows how to have fun.”
The way it works for State Speech is you have three judges who score however he/she wants. You have to get all Is to go on to All State- but even then, you might not go. After obtaining all Is, you have to be nominated as one of the very best in that center. PCM’s scores were; Improv Group One got three IIs, Improv Group Two also got three IIs, Ensemble “Remember the Burrito” got two IIs and a I and Ensemble “Monica Et Al” received two IIs and a III. Nobody will be going to All State this year in Group Speech, but there is still the possibility of Individual Speech.