Choir, band contest drawing near

by Graham Davis

On Saturday, April 11, PCM will host the Solo and Ensemble choir and band contest at PCM High School. The contest will start early in the day at 8 a.m. It is an annual contest, hosted each year by different schools in the Heart Of Iowa Conference.
Students in both band and choir have had the opportunity to choose whether or not they wanted to do a solo or an ensemble piece. They were then given music to prepare for this day. Students, on the day of contest, will be given a rating, Division I being the best and going down from there.
“I think solo and ensemble will go well for PCM students,” Choral Director Ms. Meredith Blankenheim said. “We have the added advantage of not having to travel and knowing the facilities since we are hosting this year.  As long as we are practicing hard, everything should be great.”
Come out and support the PCM music students on Saturday, April 11, at PCM High School.