Souza returns to teach

by Caleb Peter

Last year, Kristen Souza left teaching to become an instructional coach here at PCM. Students may have felt her presence in various classrooms, observing quietly and attentively. Has she missed her previous role as a teacher?

“I do miss teaching, but I get to see and interact with kids in different classes on a daily basis, so that helps when I’m really missing it,” Souza said.

She has enjoyed being an instructional coach for her first year. “It has been really fun working with teachers and being in different classrooms seeing all of the awesome things that the teachers in this building are doing.  I think that last year was about learning what being an instructional coach was all about, and this year will be easier for everyone involved because we have a year under our belt with the program,” Souza said.

Yet now, Souza has been called up to teach just one class, for just this year:  Anatomy and physiology. Why? Freshmen, lots of freshmen. The incoming freshmen class is so big, it was necessary to add an additional class of Physical Science. This didn’t work into Matthew Henning’s packed schedule. This made Erin Wood, the teacher who replaced Souza’s previous role of teaching, took a section of Physical Science. So finally, this led to Souza being needed to teach a period of Anatomy and Physiology this year.

Souza is enjoying teaching her small class of 12 students. “Anatomy and physiology is definitely one of my favorite things to teach, so I’m really enjoying it. I’m trying some new things with this class, and it helps that it’s such an awesome group of students,” Souza said.

She’s looking forward to this year at PCM.

“As an instructional coach, I’m excited to work with the teachers on a more in-depth level in their classrooms,” Souza said. “As the Anatomy and physiology teacher, I’m excited to try new instructional techniques with my class and also to help them gain an appreciation and understanding of the human body to help them with their post-high school paths.”

Either Instructional coach or classroom teacher, PCM is glad to have Mrs. Souza.