by Dylan Sanders

Everyone wants to be that hardcore guy who scales mountains and runs marathons across the globe. The simple fact is that not everyone can be this person. Everyone has responsibilities to attend to, whether they be a job, family, or a pet. Those responsibilities should come always come first. Just because you have responsibilities doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to go outside, and enjoy some great spring activities and weather.

There are numerous activities to do in the spring. A few activities are to go for a bike ride on one of the many bike trails around Iowa, or going for a hike on one of the many trails that surround Lake Red Rock. The lake itself is a very fun place to be during the spring. During the spawn you can catch large amounts of catfish, white bass, and walleye. You can view the large passing of waterfowl through the lake as well.

If you like to fish and you need bait, then just wait for a good rain to soak up the ground and bring the worms up onto the surface. Once the ground is moist enough just go outside, and pick some up off the concrete near your house. Requires some time, but it also requires no money.

One of the most popular activities in the spring is to go morel mushroom hunting. Hunting for morels is a great way to get outside because not only are you exercising, you’re exercising for food. How much flavor that food has is can be decided by your personal preference. As far as mushrooms go the moral is the cream of the crop. Many people may absolutely despise mushrooms like some members of my family, but those that can tolerate them should definitely try looking around some local patches of trees to find the coveted mushrooms.

A less known activity that people enjoy doing in the spring is walking the rocky shores of Lake Red Rock for arrowheads and axeheads. Arrowheads are the more sought after of the two because they are more well known, but if you happen to stumble upon a medium sized rock that has been carved into a slightly sharp crevice, be sure to pick it up. Axeheads are a lot more rare, so a good axehead can actually fetch a price that far exceeds that of an arrowhead.

I believe that getting outside to enjoy the sights of mother nature is an essential thing to do each year. A very local activity that you could do is to visit the Neal Smith Wildlife refuge. You will see the Elk and Buffalo, and if your likely you’ll view their younglings.

Hopefully you will use the opportunities around you, and take advantage of the brilliant spring weather.