Easy win against Tigerhawks

by Taylor Burns

After a tough game at Pella Christian High School the night before, the PCM girls’ basketball team members were looking to bring their hopes back up with a victory in Colfax on Dec. 9. Their goal was reached when the Mustangs took home a win, 61-22.
The Mustangs were on top after the first quarter, already having an advantage against the Tigerhawks with a 28-6 lead. PCM rode their big first-quarter lead and kept adding to it throughout the game. The Tigerhawks didn’t score over double digits in a single quarter, thanks to the Mustangs’ defense.
Points for the Mustang starters were pretty even. Senior Rachel Freland led with 12, while senior Courtney Van Houweling, sophomores Katie Vande Wall and Kayla Jennings each had 11. Another starter Jayci Vos had eight points. Jennings also had seven assists.
“We need to work on having good communication and more ball movement,” Jennings said. “We all want to get to the Well. To do that, we need to stay positive and keep learning from past games.”