Heading to State Tournament: What Mustangs are thinking

On Feb. 18 in Bondurant, the girls’ varsity basketball team secured the win against the West Marshall Trojans to achieve the goals they’ve had in their minds the whole season: Make it to the Well.

What are the girls thinking now as they practice to take on the No. 1 ranked Sioux Center Warriors?


Katie Vande Wall: “We will study and take a look at the film and try to adjust to how they play. I don’t think we will make huge changes, we will just continue to improve and get better and play the game we know how to play.”

Kayla Jennings: “I think we need to keep doing what we have been doing and not worry too much about who we are playing. We will continue to work hard through the week and come into Tuesday’s game with confidence and a good attitude.”

Kaylee Townsend: “We need to keep working on our defense, and we need to believe in ourselves. We have the talent to win, and we will work hard all week long.”

Rachel Stafford: “In my opinion, not much changes. We will educate ourselves on how they play and word extremely hard to be prepared for what we will see. We will keep making ourselves better and get ready to face another strong opponent. We’ve done great things against tough teams, and I believe we can do the same again, even if they are ranked No. 1. In this next game, we have absolutely nothing to lose, so we need to be well prepared but ultimately go play our hearts out. With our talent, strong will and belief in each other, great things can happen.”

Bailey Brodersen: “The fact that we made it to the Well is an accomplishment in itself, so I think it kind of makes the idea of playing the No. 1 ranked team not as scary. We have nothing to lose at this point so we’re going to enjoy this experience and play like we know we can!”

Alexis Timmins: “[I am thinking] that everyone is beatable on any given day. We just have to practice harder and play the game like we always do.”

Abby Waddell: “I think we have nothing to lose, so we might as well practice hard and play hard to see if we can take down another huge accomplishment.”

Jayci Vos: “I think that we play best when we slow the game down and play relaxed. I think we should focus on setting the pace of the game ourselves.”


Regan Freland: “We’re going into this knowing what we’re up against. Knowing that, we know we have to work 10 times harder and really buckle down. We’ve worked extremely hard to get to where we are, and we’re not going to end that now.”