New tech guy hired for middle school


by Drew Johnson

Today technology is everywhere we look. It is nearly impossible to go through a day without interacting with it. As we all know, however, technology has its limitations because  after awhile it tends to fail. At the high school we have Sean Balzer fixing everything from broken laptops to glitches on the server. At the middle school (and sometimes the high school) Tyler Glick is the one solving the tech-related problems.

Glick, who is from Knoxville and played soccer and baseball in high school, graduated from Northwest Missouri State at Maryville and has always wanted to learn more about technology. “When I was younger I just had an interest in technology,” Glick said. “I was fascinated with computers. I liked to take them apart and put them back together in order to figure out how they work.”

“When I was in college I worked as a valet in downtown Des Moines driving rich people’s fancy cars at private parties. [It was] always a good day when I got behind the wheel of a Maserati or a Bentley,” said Glick.“

“Now in the summer I play a lot of soccer with my friends as we prepare for the Iowa games.  We have placed first, third and first the last three years. I also enjoy riding my motorcycle and going on road trips with friends. In the winter I love to snowboard. I enjoy going to Colorado with friends and snowboarding the backcountry for a few days to get away,” said Glick.

“In my free time I love to hang out with my fiancé. When I’m not with her I like to nerd out and play Xbox as much as I can.”

When asked what part of a computer he would be if given the option, Glick said, “If I was a piece of technology I would want to be the hard drive because the hard drive is what holds all the most valuable information for a user.”

It is clear that, much like a hard drive, Glick knows his stuff and is a valuable addition to the PCM staff. Glick previously worked at both Indianola High School and Boone High School in the same capacity.