Jazz Band shows potential


by Brad McClellan

In recent years the jazz band has had some great performances. It is the time of the year again that students begin practicing their music for jazz band performances. Every Tuesday and Friday students voluntarily come in to band an hour early to practice four songs.

When Director Ben Varner was asked why he was excited for this jazz season he said, “After our first rehearsals, I am very excited with the quality of soloists I am hearing. Our rhythm section is also grooving and playing fairly tight for how early it is in the season.”

Over the year there will be six performances. The first will be on December 12th during the Winter Concert at the high school, and the last will be on February 28th during the grades 6-12 concert, also at the high school.

Last year the jazz band took first place at their last competition. “I expect the jazz band to continue performing at the same standard we did towards the end of last year.  After we took  first place at our final competition last year, I am hopeful that feeling keeps us moving in a forward direction,” said Varner.