SOTM: October 2016


Name: Joe Kacmarynski

Nickname(s): JoJo, JoeKac

Parents: Thomas Kacmarynski

Employer: Subway and Montana Mikes

Future Plans: Teacher or chef

Extracurricular Activities: Cheerleading

Three Words that Describe Me: Leader, hard worker, sassy

Favorite Classes: Math and science

Advice for Underclassmen: Don’t procrastinate. Ask fro help if you don’t understand.

Best High School Memory: Cheerleading and show choir practices

Dream Job: Teacher or chef

Favorite Movie: “The Heat”

Favorite Musician/Band: Lady Gaga

Name: Rachel Stafford

Nickname(s): Staff, Rach

Parents: Tony and Nicole Stafford

Employer: Jersey Freeze

Future Plans: Attend a four-year university to obtain a bachelor’s degree and maybe go on to become an occupational therapist

Extracurricular Activities: Track, cross country, basketball, FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), mission trips, Key Club, Student Government, NHS (National Honor Society), Saylorville Church Youth, band, color guard, theatre, ELP (Extended Learning Program)

Three Words that Describe Me: Dedicated, involved, caring

Favorite Classes: Band, Spanish IV and physiology

Advice for Underclassmen: Don’t defend the person you are, let your life prove it. 

Best High School Memory: Getting a State track medal in the 4×400 meter relay sophomore year

Dream Job: International vacation tester/reviewer or dolphin trainer

Favorite Book: Mystery novels in general

Favorite Movie: “The Longest Ride”

Favorite Musician/Band: PCM High School Band