Many awards given on senior award night

by Taylor Burns

On May 18, many seniors were presented with scholarships for their upcoming college years and awards for
their GPA or given by community or businesses.
To start off the night, Jacki Grier presented the first two scholarships. The first scholarship was the PCM
Foundation/Endowment Scholarship given to Johanna Baker, Mallory Bell, Gunnar Davis, Alex Lyons, Tyler
Foster, Payton Pool, Joshua Phifer, Jordyn Mixdorf, Carlee Ver Helst and Ashley Van Gorp. And the second was the Chuck and Norma Skinner Memorial Scholarship, given to Emily Hugen, Samantha Rosonke, Karina Van Dyke, Logan Gilman, Abigail Van Haaften, Charles Schott and Joshua Rexroat.


The next scholarship was the PEO Scholarship given by Grier and Dianne Taylor to Whitnee Gallaher and


The Iowa State Bar Association American Citizenship Award was given to Hugen by Bruce Nuzum. Hugen
also recieved the Metro Waste Science and Ag Scholarship by Jenny Koska; Preston-Lodge Scholarship was
given to Van Dyke and Van Gorp by Scott Enyart; Hugen and Gunnar Davis received the Pella Rolscreen
Foundation Sons and Daughters Scholarship by Karmen Gardner; East Polk Rotary Scholarship was given to
Rexroat by Tim Crowder; Korver Hazelton Scholarship was given by Brian Hazelton to Rosonke; Greg Bonnett
gave the Uri Sellers Scholarship to Davis and Hugen.


Lutheran Church of the Cross Scholarship to Karina Van Dyke by Laurel Swanson; DMACC Pathways
Scholarship by Terry Norton to Logan Littrell; Monroe Kiwanis Scholarship by Barb Aalbers to Elizabeth Dowd
and Abigail Van Haaften; Kayla Boner Memorial Scholarship by Dana Boner to Rosonke; Two Rivers Co-op by
Tracey Gathman to Hugen and Andres Vargas; Prairie City Business Association by Brittni Horstman to
Schott; American Legion Fred Sladen Post 363 Scholarship by Jason Stock to Ashley Van Gorp; Lawerence
Woody and Duane Woody Memorial Scholarship by Lois Williams to Austin Sneller; Bill Sowder Soccer
Scholarship by Bill Sowder to Pool; Bill Sowder Football Scholarship by Greg Bonnet to Sneller; Leighton State
Bank by Jim Baker to Hugen and Rexroat; Monroe Women’s Club Scholarship by Jeanne Van Genderen to Jami Smith and Michaela Uhlenhopp; Altar & Rosary Society by Horstman to Michaela Uhlenhopp; Brian Dale
Vander Linden Scholarship by Horstman to Alex Lyons and Jordan Rawls; Heart of Iowa Conference Academic/Activity Awards by Scott Bridges to Van Dyke, Hugen, Van Haaften, Gilman, Morgan Novak, Pool, Foster and Vargas


Bernie Saggau Award by Bonnett to Sneller; Great Western Bank Scholarship by Horstman to Austin Brown;

PCM Supplies & More by Horstman to Novak; Monroe Women’s Club Character Award by Horstman to Van
Dyke; Friends of Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge PCM Scholarship by Horstman to Hugen; National Army
Reserve Scholar Athlete Award by Horstman to Van Gorp and Sneller; Nelle Schalk Scholarship by Brad
Jermeland to Jordan Rawls; PCM Lions Scholarship by Horstman to Rosonke; Top Female Senior Athlete by
Bonnett to Van Gorp; Top Male Senior Athlete by Bonnett to Gilman; State of Iowa Governor’s Scholar Award
by Bridges to Van Dyke.

The following scholarships were awarded by organizations:
Vermeer Charitable Foundations Scholarship: Foster; Delta Kappa Gamma Society: Gallaher; Delta Kappa
gamma Alpha Mu Chapter Scholarship Award: Ver Helst; Midstates Housemovers Association Scholarship:
Bell; AFSCME Local 3568 Motor Vehicle Enforcement Scholarship: Bell; Autism Society of Iowa Scholarship:
Lyons; Wells Fargo Team Members’ Dependent Children Scholarship: Rosonke; Diamond Trail FFA Alumni
Scholarship: Bell and Hugen; Dean North Scholarship: Hugen and Bell; Robert E. Byers Keep Iowa Beautiful
Scholarship: Hugen; Danish Brotherhood Scholarship: Davis; World Food Prize Iowa Youth Institute: Hugen;
and World Food Prize Global Youth Institute: Hugen.

College Scholarships presented by Horstman:
Buena Vista University: Austin Brown – Arch Scholarship; Grandview University: Logan Gilman – Dean’s
Scholarship; Iowa State University: Emily Hugen – Donald Eggerlind Scholarship, Kline Family Scholarship,
Cardinal Leadership Scholar Award, Academic Recognition; Mount Mercy University: Cody Howard – Academic Scholarship, Athletic Scholarship in Bowling, Scholarship Day Scholarship; Northwestern College: Carlee Ver Helst – Collegiate Scholarship; Northwest Missouri State University: Josh Rexroat – Freshman Merit Award, Green and White Advantage; Simpson: Gunnar Davis – Honor Scholarship; University of Iowa: Samantha Rosonke-Hawkeye Achievement Award and Iowa Heritage Award; University of Northern Iowa: Jamie Bryan, Whitnee Gallaher, Jordyn Mixdorf and Josh Phifer – Distinguished Scholar Award; Western Iowa Tech Community College: Alex Lyons – President’s Scholarship.