PCM girls’ soccer takes over

by Kenzie Johnson

The PCM soccer girls had two games last week, adding two wins to the book.
On April 25, the girls headed to Knoxville for a non-conference game to start out their week. The game was going to be a close one being tied at half, but by the end, it was a win for the Mustangs with a score of 4-2.
PCM junior Abby Waddell was a big part of the night when she scored the four goals for the team. Colfax-Mingo senior McKinzie Tjaden had three assists to end out the night, and freshman Camryn Wignall had one.
“This year, we have been passing and talking more, which we kind of struggled with last year,” PCM senior Payton Pool said. “We also have a lot of talent throughout the entire team, and we are working together a lot better.”
The April 29 game at CMB continued the winning flow. Already defeating CMB earlier in the season, the girls knew what was coming. The score came out with the Mustangs on top 6-0. Colfax-Mingo junior Taylor Shepley started off the game with a goal. By halftime, the Mustangs were up 4-0 with Tjaden, Waddell and Colfax-Mingo junior Dakota Hostetter each contributing a goal. In the second half, Waddell scored two more goals for the Mustangs for a total of three goals on the night.
Pool’s name is not be on the roster this year due to the fact that she experienced a knee injury this fall and was advised to sit out her fourth and final season here at PCM. She still is following through with her team, though, going to all the practices to watch and cheer them on at their games.
“Soccer is very important to me, so I wanted to be involved as much as I could during my senior season,” Pool said. “It’s nice to be able to help out the coaches when they need me to and be there for the players when they need a ‘pick me up.”’