The Super States decide

by Chance Palm

The primaries and caucuses spread to the nation on Tuesday, March 1, “Super Tuesday,” and there were winners and losers. The winner of the Republican party’s winner was fairly obvious. Businessman Donald Trump swept seven of the 11 states: Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Virginia and Vermont, leaving Senator Ted Cruz holding on to Alaska, Oklalhoma, and Texas, allowing Senator Marco Rubio to get his first-ever state win, Minnesota.
Meanwhile,  Dr. Ben Carson and Governor John Kasich were unable to even get one state. What does this mean? It is very good for Trump, okay for Cruz and bad not only for Rubio but for Carson and Kasich. Trump is polling ahead by so much nationally he is likely to continue this support through other states.
When Cruz and Rubio, who are polling low nationally, use the states that support them early, it makes it harder for them to make a come back later in the race.
Also, the exit polling from these states shows that Trump garners support from moderates and conservatives voters alike. So as the race moves on to northern lesser conservative states, expect to keep seeing wins for Trump. In the Democratic race, Secretary Hillary Clinton was the big winner Tuesday. Clinton got support from Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. All states were very conservative and with a higher black population, which Clinton does very well with. Senator Bernie Sanders did as expected and got support from Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and his home state of Vermont.
Clinton did very well but may face a problem later in the race.She won among states where demographically it is the best place for her to win. Eight out of the 11 states that voted were southern states, and as Clinton and Sanders are tied or, at least, close to being tied nationally, and as her strong states go, it makes it easier for Sanders to come back from here, since he does really well among northern states, like Vermont, Minnesota and Colorado. So expect a close race come to the end of the nomination.
The rest of the super states can confirm this Sanders won Maine, Kansas, and Nebraska while Clinton only got to hang on to the very southern state Louisiana. Among Republican super Saturday states, Trump held on to both Oklahoma and Louisiana, and Cruz did better than expected getting Maine and Kansas and Rubio only got Puerto Rico, providing a perfect example of how he and the establishment section of his party is slowing but surely dying.