Well Spoken: State Speech

by Tyler Foster

On a trip to Cedar Rapids last Saturday, Feb. 6, PCM sent an Improv group and Readers Theater to State Speech. Results were very similar, as Improv and Readers Theater received two II ratings, with one I rating. The Improv group consisted of juniors Courtney Bridges, Chelbie Gillespie and Jaiden Rogers and also included a lone freshman, Payton Konek.
Readers Theatre included senior Jami Smith, juniors Bridges, Gillespie, Mallery Downey, Rachel Stafford, Bailey Brodersen, Kayla Dustin, Graham Davis, Morgan McDowell and Megan Cox, a sophomore Sydney Burns and freshmen Cade McCombs and Carson Clark.
“It was a big honor to be a part of this group. We were all such good friend, and we had a lot of good times together. We were a very hard working group, also. I really thought we all did an excellent job in both of our contests.” said Bridges.
State concludes the year for PCM’s group under coach Delaney Downey, and you can look forward to seeing them perform next year.